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Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Mr. Cockface, Starring as 'Shames Bond, Agent 00 Heaven' "

(This is one of my more well known paintings...it's also the most perverted and humorous piece I've ever done. It's very old now, but I thought to post it, because I didn't know if you guys knew the story behind this one. I hope you dig it!
BTW, a lot of the stuff in here will only make complete sense to you if you're a die-hard James Bond fan, or if you at least know all the titles to the films!)

Extraordinary Life Forms 28, "Mr. Cockface, Starring as Shames Bond, Agent 00 Heaven"

11x17 in., 2003


My name is Bond...Shames Bond. I don't have long to talk to you, as I am in pursuit of a most dangerous villain. She's a member of a murderous crime syndicate which is capable of sexual perversions extreme enough to boggle the mind!

The culprit that I am chasing at the moment, has a rather unusual technique of killing her enemies. She strangles people with eight long, thick strands of dredlocked pubic hair that reside betwixt her thighs...an act for which she has been dubbed 'Octopussy.'

However, she that was previously mentioned is not the most deadly member of the 'Odd Job Crime Syndicate.' No, no, no...there are several others, and I will tell you of them in case you ever spot one and wish to report it to the Fetish Authorities!

(***Note to Reader...The 'Odd Job Crime Syndicate' was named after its original founder, a woman who was rumored to have rather strange felatio tactics.

Odd Job met death at an early age by the hands of a villain from a rival gang. His killing method was that of delivering pleasure through murderous orgasms. It is widely known that he gave the best middle, index action around...an act for which he has been nicknamed 'Goldfinger!' Be wary of him, as he is not yet apprehended.***)

Getting back to the villains that you should avoid at all costs, is a woman who is first cousin to Octopussy. She once killed a giant, endowed with an enormous steel penis, by means of biting off his significant other. Since then, she is known as 'Jaws.'

Another is a man, who takes his victims by force after the sun has fallen, and his name is 'Moonraper.'

The most disgusting of the Odd Job Crime Syndicate is a diseased man with infectious bodily fluids that discharge in a thick, yellow slime. Behind his back, he is known as 'The Man with the Golden Cum.'

The girlfriend of he that was previously mentioned is also a member of Odd Job. She is very beautiful, but wears a patch over one eye, and it is rumored that the reason for this is that she was careless while...performing...and accidentally took a semen shot in the iris! Her vision has been impaired ever since, and if there is any truth to the story, perhaps this is why she has now taken on the codename of 'Golden Eye!'

The oldest and most seemingly out of place member of Odd Job is a woman in her eighties, who kills men by humming on their testicles till the point of explosion. Her name on the streets is 'Thunderball.'

This is a tentative roster of the Odd Job employees, but do not be fooled by such small numbers, as they are recruiting members as we speak!


'Mr. Cockface' is a famous porn star, who has attained success through much pain and struggle.

Cockface was born in the slum of 'Blue Balls Village,' where he grew up as a murderer and thug. Though never proven in court, a countless number of men have died at the hands of 'Mrs. Blowjob,' his gun. The pistol attained its name from Cock's favorite method of delivering death, which was to put his instrument in an enemy's mouth and let a few rounds ejaculate from the shaft!

Mr. Cockface has put his past behind him since Attack of the Killer Cunts, his breakthrough film, which established him with world renown. Beyond that, his career has been nothing but a success, boasting a resume of such films as Shaft Returns, Flight of the Pee Cock, Iswallow 13, A Night at the Cocksbury, Cumming to America, and Hairy Squatter and the Sorcerer's Bone.

Though Mr. Cockface realizes that his medium is pornography, he continues to take his roles quite seriously.

As most porn stars, he suffers from the delusion of believing that he can really act!

All images and text are by Marque Terrynamahr Strickland.

© Marque Terrynamahr Strickland.

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