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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Dark Knight...I've found a hole in the plot, guys!

Even as superb and well written as it is, I just found an error!

Are we just supposed to assume that the Joker and his goons left the benefit party without injuring, killing, or, at least, kidnapping anyone else?
After Bruce jumps out of that window to save Rachel, don't you think the Joker and company would have at least searched the apt./building for anything of value, or something they could use against Batman? ...and let us not forget that Bruce/Batman left Harvey Dent unconscious in the closet!
...and what about the rest of the guests at the party? The Joker just let them go home, did he? ...I highly doubt it!

Alas, it is thus with all great stories...examine anything close enough, and you will always find flaws. Sometimes I wish the artist in me had an "off" switch, because I often wind up ruining things for myself! :)

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