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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay, so...I went to the HARRY POTTER EXHIBITION!

Okay, so...I went to the HARRY POTTER EXHIBITION!

Dude, that was some of the most fun I've ever had in my life...what a magnificent show! This tour is a walk through decorated corridors of all things HP, beginning with a pitch black room, housing several TV screens on the wall ahead of you. For a few minutes, you bear witness to an incredible montage of scenes from the films (and every screen displays something different...or, at least, the looped videos are timed differently, so that it seems like they're all showing something different).
When you exit the screen-room is where the real fun begins. The walls are chock-full of talking paintings, many of which include 'the Fat Lady' trying to finally prove to you that she can sing. (I really wish she'd quit that shit, because she's always holding people up! I mean, what if I was running amuck, late night, about the castle, trying to escape Filch or Snape? She'd likely have me caught, the witch!)

My absolute favourite aspects of the tour was seeing the wands (Professor McGonagall's is really nice!) and, also, perusing the Potion Master's disturbing plethora of bottled substances. Though it was all fabulous, if I had one criticism, it would be that the mannequins (those holding the actor's clothing) needed to be more to scale, for the people (in reality) are far bigger than they were portrayed. On the opposite end, Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, was marvelously sized, as was Fawkes, the Phoenix...both were huge!
And I loved the broomstick and Quidditch displays!

On the whole, this exhibit of film artifacts was so astonishing that I need scarcely say that I was very sorry for the tour to end. Although I don't know where else the exhibit is traveling after it leaves here, if it makes it to your city, I highly recommend it...especially if you're a fantasy or Harry Potter enthusiast!

—Marque, September 2009

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you guys what took place before the tour started...Harry Potter trivia! The parents were laughing at me, because I absolutely slaughtered their children! I don't take it easy on people simply because they're young. (LOL!) In fact, I'm absolutely horrified at any 8 year old, who doesn't know the word for the disarming spell. What the hell is the world coming to when a kid doesn't know “EXPELLIARMUS!”
(When you're messing with me in Harry Potter trivia, you'd best bring your "A" game...otherwise be slain!)

Then again, perhaps it is because of my ardent belief in the Japanese "never take it easy on games with a child just because they're young" frame of mind that I was cruelly placed in Slytherin House, when the woman put the Sorting Hat on me! (WITCH!)
...Someone must have been watching me beat up on little kids in HP trivia, and that's why they thought to put me in Draco Malfoy's house. I'm highly affronted by this nonsense!

Eff, you guys. I've always considered myself a "Gryffindor" type, thank you very much!

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