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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Damn these pretty girls!

Dude, listen to what I did today...I'm SO stupid!

Okay, so, I'm out at the store, and this girl, named Areen Jalajel, walks up to me and says "Excuse me, sir, I'm a manager at *** bank, and... (blah, blah, blah) ...would you like to sign for a free bank account? There's a $50 incentive that you never have to pay back, and you can close the account at any time with no fines whatsoever... (blah, blah, blah)."

So of course my dumb ass said, "Yes," knowing good and well that:
1) I do NOT need another bank account, and...
2) This is a small chain with no nation wide presence, and they're most likely only located in Illinois.

But, of course, I said "yes" anyway, because this girl was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and she hypnotized me for about a half hour. I kid you not, I just couldn't think straight! All I wanted to do was just sit and look at her!
(You know what, the people who run these companies really know what they're doing, don't they! Of course, they put the prettiest face on their payroll on the front line, just for suckers like me! Good lord!)

Dammit, now I have to go in and close this account! I think I should be able to pull it off though just because I've had time to recover, and I'll be expecting to see her this time, so I should be immune to the effects of her beauty...hopefully.

This damn penis of mine—he really needs to stop thinking for me. I swear, sometimes I seriously feel like he has a mind of his own. The problem, however, is that he's not very bright!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pee pee!

No matter how much I wipe, shake, or dance, the very last drop always goes down my pants! God should have thought of something less messy!

This is for people who believe that human beings are the only intelligent species in this universe!

Knuckleheads! In fact, studies suggest that we're probably the most primitive!

For this video that I'm about to post and all other links following, I want you all to keep in mind that humans did NOT have the tools, technology, or the man power to build pyramids...let alone UNDER WATER PYRAMIDS! So what the hell?
This leads me to a couple different theories:

1) They were built by beings NOT OF THIS WORLD!

2) This is not the first time that humans have been to this planet. There may have been a previous version of ourselves here, and that would mean that...well...just look at this link! : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7136269/All-humans-are-aliens-from-outer-space-scientist-claims.html

(Okay, folks, it's PYRAMID time! Check out this new discovery! And don't forget to also check out the amazing links posted toward the bottom!)



...and other wonders! :

Saturday, April 3, 2010

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES: My review. I loved it!

(I will post the review here in regular text, as well as HTML images to suit the tastes of both types of people.)


I had the pleasure of meeting authors Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia at Anderson's Bookshop in Downers Grove, Illinois. Marg, a self-proclaimed 'caffeine fiend,' is laugh-out-loud funny...definitely the type to cheer you up on a down day. You'd even want to hang out with her. However, you might want to keep your distance if you're an impressionable person, for she has said (more than once): “I'm not a role model.” But don't mind her nonsense, as she's just being silly...Margaret is a very sweet girl.
The other half of this writing team, Kami, is so cute and adorable that you just want to sweep her up, and kiss her, and hug her, and marry her on sight. She too is witty, with an edge of sarcasm to her demeanor. This one is also a sweetie pie.
Two great girls with great talent, who wrote a great book-Beautiful Creatures-their debut novel.

It's been quite some time since I've been this pleased with a read. As I've mentioned before to people, I prefer female authors, as their writing tends to be a bit more honest, whereas males are conditioned to write a certain way because of all the machismo we're raised with. I absolutely positively HATE stories with tons of male bravado and weak female characters! Perhaps that is why I myself do not create those damsel-in-distress females when I write. (Oh, I didn't mention that I'm a novelist, did I? I'm currently finishing up my 4th book, whilst working as a teacher aide in the atrocious public school system...but not for much longer, I assure you!) Because of my need for strong representation of both sexes in books, I really fell in love with Beautiful Creatures.

One character in particular that I adore, is named Amma. Though I'm not sure of her ethnicity (as I don't quite remember it being mentioned), she reminds me of the women in my family. I grew up in a really 'old school' black family, with deep southern roots, so of course the women in my family are all extremely spiritual and FANTABULOUS cooks! Amma is definitely 'auntie' or 'grandma' material. I love her!
Amongst other wonderfully entertaining characters, are the two main ones, Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes. They are what I wish all teenagers would be. Let us not forget that I work in the public school system, so my opinion of teenagers is rather jaded. The kids I deal with on a regular do nothing except FIGHT, F***, FOOL AROUND, FEEL EACH OTHER UP, AND FAIL EVERYTHING THEY POSSIBLY CAN! (Like, seriously, how the 'effing crap do you fail GYM?! Or...how are you sitting in Mr. Jacobek's class, PLANNING TO GET PREGNANT at sixteen-years-old?! The kids I know, do these things on a regular!)
Lena Duchannes is not only innocent, insecure, and incredibly powerful, but she is also an absolute dream to me. I'll take the beautiful, 'strange' outcast any day of the week over the bubblehead, dumb b****, who could possibly make my social life easier by dating her but who is simultaneously the worst of human beings.
And Ethan is what every young man should be. He's selfless, respectful, and secure enough to stick by the side of someone he loves even though he's persecuted for it. Any young man that is coming of dating age, who needs to learn how to treat a woman, should take notes from Ethan Wate.

The story is complex but simply told. And though there are many people to keep track of (especially with the addition of characters who I can tell will be important later in the series), Kami and Margaret did a great job of presenting just enough information to get to know these people without overwhelming the reader. And they get even more cool points for being so creative within their confines of Gatlin, South Carolina. As an author, I know that it's very difficult to work well in a limited setting, but these girls were so inventive within their restraints that their tale never ever got boring. I promise you, this story is entertaining, cover-to-cover!

Another thing I'd like to point out about the craft of these two authors is that Margaret and Kami treat their readers with much respect. They automatically assume that you're smart, and I appreciate that immensely. Some writers, especially beginners, tend to explain every single aspect of their tale right off, just to make sure that you, the reader, understand things to come. How insulting! Marg and Kami, however, do not give you pointless exposition to explain aspects of their story...they actually give you STORY! I can't tell you how many times that I, as well as others that I suggested a certain book to, got frustrated with a tale, in which a popular author (I'm speaking of the most popular author as of April 2010-not the wealthiest. We all know who the wealthiest one is!) kept beating me over the head with a certain detail. I'm a pretty intelligent guy, and I read constantly, so I don't need a writer to tell me how beautiful a certain characters is, over and over and over again! WE KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS ALREADY, GOOD LORD! I swear, one day, I'm going to go back through that book and count how many times this author speaks of a certain character's statuesque beauty...she must have done it 100 times! (Don't get me wrong, the tale was marvelously entertaining overall, and I still love and admire her as an author...but good grief, woman!)
More cool points to Kami and Margaret for NOT treating their readers like first graders that need notes pinned to their shirts everywhere they go.

They say that we authors have a tendency to reveal who we are in the stories we tell. So, lastly, I'd like to say that I'm quite impressed with the women that Magaret Stohl and Kami Garcia have revealed themselves to be. From the numerous quotes and references, you'll be able to tell that these are very educated, well-read women. They believe in loyalty, justice, and equality. And they despise bigotry. Furthermore, I can see that they're idealists at heart, who believe in lasting love. With that said, I'm having a very difficult time figuring out which I adore more-the authors or their book?

-April 2010/Marque Terrynamahr Strickland

Oh, I forgot to give you all one warning about the book. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, READ THIS BOOK ON AN EMPTY STOMACH, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SORRY! It's chock-full of food! I can't tell you how many times I put this book down, absolutely ravenous, ready to devour any and everything in sight...even the damn brick walls of my house!

...and, speaking of food, Kami and Margaret, can you guys do me a solid? Could you please have Amma incorporate more vegetables into Ethan's diet? If you don't, my dude is gonna have some serious heart problems later in life!

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