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Friday, November 27, 2009

Holy smokes, I'm toasty! Me and that holiday brown liquor!

I never go out, so therefore I don't drink much (although I quite like hard liquor, I just don't abuse it). You guys ever tried this 'Makers Mark'? I kinda like it. Good stuff! Straight, it's quite nice!

Anyways, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Good hopefully. Did you all overeat?
Me, I just had one big plate, and that was it. I mostly enjoy this holiday, because I'm quite the card shark, and I get to 'send people to boston' in "Bid Wiss" (Idk if that's how you spell it.). I'm beginning to wonder if 'Bid' is a black man's card game, because it's only with Afr. Americans that I ever play it. None of my non-black friends have ever heard of it. They all play poker, but that's not a game that black families play. They either play 'spades' or 'bid.' Spades is pretty fucking lame...it's just too easy...not enough choices! But 'Bid' is my fave! I love that shit! I spent my entire freshman year of college learning to play with upperclassmen. Initially, it was only because I wanted to learn to whip my uncle ass at the holidays. But it actually wound up teaching me more than that....like, how to play cards WISELY, with any game!

Anyways, I was just wondering how you guys were doing. I'm only rambling on about nonsense, simply because I'm drunk...no, not really, just buzzed. I'm so big, sometimes I get it in my mind that alcohol won't affect me, but it appears that even us 6'4'' giants have limits! Lol.

And, by the way, any of you all thinking of participating in this "Black Friday" nonsense, simply to get a tv...please don't fall for the bullshit of Best Buy, Sams' Club, or K Mart, or any of the other big names. DO NOT BUY A 720 P TELEVISION! For those of you all who are NOT tech nerds, like me, you need to know that you're being lured in to buy this bullshit with these low prices, simply because they assume you're dumb asses...which very well may not be too far from the truth, seeing as how so many of you guys by expensive items without RESEARCH!
For those of you thinking of purchasing hi-def tv's, these are the specs you want:
50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio (at least...but now you can get them with 2,000,000:1, but that's overkill, IMO)
120 Hz (at least...these days, you may see 240 Hz, or even 600!)
This is what's going to make your picture look the best!

Man, I must really be tipsy, because I'm going on and on about nonsense! LOL. Anyways, I love you all, and I hope you had a good holiday.

Oh, and for the person that asked me what the hell is up with the lack of updates on my end (art/blogs/movie reviews), you must understand that I'm trying to finish up this last book. Perhaps when that is done, I'll get back on my movie reviews and other fun stuff!
You all have a great weekend!
(Anybody know good cures for hangovers? I don't believe I'll have one, but who knows? Just in case! I think maybe I'll go eat this last piece of cheese cake now to soak up some of this damn liquor!)

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