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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Short story I'm about to submit to a contest....

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The Pie Thief
Each contestant was set to dig in.
They were all hungry and eager to win.
Pie eating for sport–a ridiculous waste.
Well-to-do folks, each one stuffing their face!
But one contestant was missing this winter.
This deprived man had no spare loot to enter.
Juggling daggers for tourists did not provide much.
Life for the rich! The poor shit out of luck!
Great prizes for winning–oodles of money.
A life supply worth, good to buy bread and honey.
But no sense in wishing...he was out of the game.
He’d end their damn contest, he swore on his name!
He snuck himself inside, along with the judges...
...then bled them backstage, even killed one on crutches!
He slit the throats of contestants, making onlookers suffer.
And, last, took the meat-pies, so he’d have food for supper!

–Marque Terrynamahr Strickland/2011

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