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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Ghost Writer" :)

I was just sitting here reminiscing on my 'ghost writing' days. In my early years, I may have been the closet-nerd, but I was the one who had the words girls wanted to hear. So I always had these dudes come to me to write poems to their girlfriends or girls that they were crushing on. I remember this one girl, jumping up and down in the back of the classroom, reading something I'd written. LOL. I guess she liked that guy.

...but I've always wondered what happened after the girls realized that there was no way in hell those guys could have written those letters to them. The thought amuses me. I bet those dudes were in serious trouble!

I put my skills to use quite a few times in college as well. My boy Fernando used to be in love with this girl, Jessica...but let me shut up, because that's a LONG story!

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