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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Okay, just in case you guys are wondering what's going on lately...

...I'm writing a short children's story, a parable of sorts with steampunk and fantasy elements. I don't plan for it to be any longer than 75 pages. The shorter, the better when it comes to children's stories. Once that's complete, I'll be getting back to writing "The Legend of Orchis and the Five Sisters, Book 2."

EDIT: 30TH JULY, 2015...

You all can COMPLETELY ignore the beginning portion of this post from 3 years ago! It ended up being a full-fledged novel of about 450 pages! LOL. I will never try to tell my own work "what's what" again. It has a mind of its own. I just have to let it "be." The book can be found here:


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