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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids: Sometimes you just wanna.....jeezus!

(This post is "appropriate" now that I'm no longer working in the school system and don't have a need to have my profile set to private. I won't be ashamed of my dislike for this child...he was terrible. LOL.)

Okay, so I had one of those moments today when I looked at one of the students I work with, who, of course, was across the room acting an ass, and I thought to myself: "WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. THIS. BOY? HE IS A GODDAMN FOOL! I SWEAR IF I MET HIM ON THE STREET AFTER SCHOOL..."
So, of course, one of my six-year-olds, Devonte (the kid I adore), looks at me with a big smile, leans in and whispers: "Mista Strick-a-lin...why you cussing?"
It was only then that I realized I'd been thinking out loud again! (God, help me! LOL.)
Just a little FYI...that little demon (the objection of my irritation/the kid acting up) was on suspension by the end of the day. I won't have to look at him for two days, thank God!

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