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Sunday, October 17, 2010

OMG! This is why I so seldom hang out with certain folks!

Jeezus, these people are something else! Just because I'm a good guy and single does not give you the right to try to offer me up to every single female that you're acquainted with! With my very first girlfriend, 5 years ago (yes, I'm a later bloomer), I learned... A REAL MAN DOES NOT TOY WITH THE EMOTIONS OF A SINGLE MOTHER! IF YOU HAVE HAVE NO INTENTION OF STICKING AROUND, DON'T EVEN ASK HER OUT! (I ended up making a real mess of that relationship.)

I know quite a few things about single mothers now, especially after having been raised by one. The most important thing is this: a good, single mother dates men very sparingly. So, if you even make it to the 3rd date, that means that she's looking at you as "long term" material! This is why you must be wary. If this isn't something that you want, STAY AWAY FROM HER. Real men, in my opinion, do not take advantage of something so precious. A good mother is a rarity these days (a mother that is actually raising her child and not club-hopping every night, simply because she's upset that she missed out on her youth from having a baby too soon), so don't lead them on! If you have no interest, let them know that...right up front.

Jeezus, I'm so pissed off.

And the thing is, the girl actually digs me. You all should have seen her...too cute. Good mom. Intelligent. Hard working. ...But even still, I have no interest in a future with her, and I'm not someone who believes in wasting my time or that of anyone else. That's why I didn't ask her out or leave with a phone number (and she was so hoping that I would! A woman will always make it clear when she's interested, sending every signal imaginable in your direction. That's why when I made it known that I was about to leave, she instantly struck up a conversation with me, asking about my interests and work. I kept trying to creep outta there, but every time I took a step backward, she asked another question. Bless her heart, she was adorable).
My work and my future are both VERY important to me, and I'm, plain and simply, not willing to give my time to a woman yet. In fact, just to be real...I don't even plan on living in America for the rest of my life. So why would I be stupid or selfish enough to ask this girl out, knowing damn good and well that it absolutely, positively cannot work out?
I swear, sometimes, it seems that I'm the only man on the face of the planet with a conscience.

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