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Monday, September 13, 2010

Women are so adorably strange!

I think it's really cute when they're interested in you, but will NEVER, under any circumstance, come out and say it! Instead they go the round-about-bullshitting path to finding out whether or not you have a girlfriend.
I had one say to me today "Oh, my god, Marque, stop flirting with all the girls! Every time I see you, you're macking to a different woman!" LOL!
First of all, THAT'S BULLSHIT! :) Workaholic, goal-driven artists don't have time to flirt with women that they aren't even remotely attracted to. That's precious time I could be devoting to a novel, screenplay, or a painting! Secondly...ARE. YOU. SERIOUS? Why can't women just come out and say "Marque, are you single?" You sillies, is that so hard?!
Good grief.
...However, as strange as you all are, I'd be lying if I were to say that I didn't find your eccentricities attractive. I just wish I had a thing for this woman, who (very clearly) is into me. It'd be nice to go on a date!

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